personal/private info removed ddjpg, ddjpg, ddjpg. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Home · Scary Stories to How to Tell Stories to Children, and Some Stories to Tell Scary Holiday Tales to Make You Scream. Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark, around a campfire, at sleepovers or read online. Alvin Schwartz put together a collection of spooky tales for kids based on ghost stories and urban legends. Alvin Schwartz’s most popular and spooky book is filled with tales of eerie horror and.

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Short horror stories from horror writer Lake Lopez. If you'd like to read the stories on paper, scroll to the bottom and click the red Adobe icon Download PDF. 49 Real Nurses Share The Terrifying Hospital Ghost Stories That Scared It was like that shit you see in horror movies, like ridiculously scary especially for a. Ghost Stories. Content. Smee. The Judge's House. The Stranger in the Mist. The Confession of Charles Linkworth. The Ghost Coach. Fullcircle. Smee by A. M.

I still have no explanation to this day of what it means.

This Number Has Been Disconnected. A few years ago my brother would get a call on his cellphone around — A. He would answer and it was this hellish sounding noise. Like static mixed with screams. He changed his cell number after a month of this and it stopped.

Then after a week or so it began again. The exact same noise.

Exact same time. Finally one day he decided to backdial the call. It was an old man that had no clue what he was talking about. Still the calls persisted. No messages were left. He decided to say screw it. Ended his contract with his phone company, switched to a new one, and then got another new number.


You guessed it, the screaming static calls continued after a short delay. By this time he was terrified every night. Unsure why this was happening.

He backdialed the number again and got a different person. Around this time he lost his job and his phone. The calls stopped of course. His phone was disconnected now. So one day my mom asks me to listen to this weird message she got on our home phone. It was the static screaming. We showed my brother and he was freaking out. He backdialed the number again and it said the number was disconnected this time. Never heard from it again after that. Sis Gets Her Own Phone.

It was a pre-paid landline though, so basically no one could call in or out if she ran out of credit, much like a mobile phone. Anyway, every night at 3am her phone would ring.

She said there was a man on the other line, and she would get really scared and come running to my room. To be honest, since she was about 10, I thought it was just these stupid scary movies she liked to watch. Eventually she just got rid of the phone. In any case, I recall this stopping. Checking The Meter. A man knocked on her door and she opened her main door but kept her screen door locked.

He said he was from the gas company and wanted to talk to her parents. When he found the screen door to be locked he pulled out a fucking box cutter and started to cut through the screen.

She said she sat there for about 10 minutes before the police arrived.

Thank god a neighbor saw everything and called the police or she probably would be dead. Also to put the cherry on the freaking creepy sundae, they found the intruder hiding in the attic. Do you know how? Ask questions.

But you should also ask questions to understand better. Enjoy what you read.

Once you learn enough about the words the story uses, you can get into the actual story. Below is a list of some of our favorite spooky stories in the English language.

The 10 Scariest Stories from 'Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark'

Some of the older stories might be a challenge, but since many are available to read for free, you can at least give them a try. On his way home from a party, a schoolteacher meets with a terrifying headless horseman. This story has also been turned into a movie. Get the book here or read it free here. Jacobs Skill level: Another old story, this one is easier to understand, although you may need to look up some words that are not commonly used anymore.

James is a great author of short ghost and horror stories that might not have any blood or violence, but will still make you scared to turn off the lights in the dark. Get the book of short stories here. Edgar Allan Poe is very well known for his horror stories, many of which are about the darkness inside humans and not actual monsters.

Horror story lovers should read at least one of his stories! The language is not too difficult but the writing style can be a little tough to get used to. Four people come to Hill House hoping to get evidence that the house is haunted.

Something is strange about the hotel, though, and it begins to affect the minds of everyone—with some terrible results. Get the book here. A man finds a skull in his house, which screams every time he tries to remove it. He learns to live with it, until a visitor comes to the house, and even stranger things start to happen. Get the book here or read free it here. Green Ribbon. The Hook.

Bloody Fingers. The Babysitter. The Drum. Room for One More. The Viper. The Bride. The Dream. One Sunday Morning. Me Tie Dough-ty Walker.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

The Dare. Burning Feet. The Dead Hand.

Just Delicious. The Guests. Cold as Clay. Clinkity Clink. Something Was Wrong. Like Cats Eyes. The Appointment. The Window. The White Gown. Cargo Ship. Dancing Skeleton. The Basket. No Thanks. Little Black Dog.I saw an old ghost in a wheelchair.

Seemed like they probably were doing some drinking but maybe not. He decided to say screw it.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

If you learn what a word means, you will understand the story better when you read it a second time, and be getting practice with the new words. At some point during our talk, another vehicle pulled up along the cul-de-sac.

The area surrounding the church was also dead quiet, since there was no electricity in the area. As he sits up in bed he notices that the door to his room is ajar. But on the third or fourth night of living there, my sister and I, who were sharing a room in the tiny house, were awake in our room playing video games at around in the morning, when someone knocks at our door.

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