A whale warrior, indie freedom fighter, and vodka martini aficionado, Kendall Grey is calm like an F-bomb*. She writes about fierce women and the men who. harlots 1 by kendall grey doc and strings hard rock harlots 1 by kendall grey epub for strings hard rock harlots 1 by kendall grey read online or strings hard rock. Try being Kendall Grey. Kendall busts into the curio shop of writing by breaking the window, jumps in, guns blazing, and throws a hundred bucks at the owner.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. You think you can do outrageous, sexy, fun? Try being Kendall Grey. Kendall busts into the curio shop of writing by breaking the. .. What could possibly go wrong as I give the woman I've secretly wanted some no-strings- attached lessons in seduction? E.L. James - Fifty Shades of Grey (Book 1). epub. Dover, L P - [Second Chances 1] - Love's Second Chance (, L.P. Dover). epub. KB. Dover, L P - [Second Chances ] - What He Wants_ Trusting You .

However, success in such discrimination learning does not necessarily indicate that the animals learned the underlying structure of the string sets. They might, for instance, have solved the discrimination task by rote memorization of the different strings without detecting any structural relation between them. The critical test, and the hallmark of abstraction as shown by humans, is whether the discrimination between differently structured string sets is maintained in a test in which the novel test strings share no observable physical acoustical or visual similarity to the training strings, but only a relational one 23 — 26 , i.

After familiarization, the infants were tested with syllables from novel categories i. The X and Y items are all drawn from the same pool, and in principle the only cue for discriminating between the novel strings is the similarity or dissimilarity in the arrangement of the items. Whether this ability to discriminate artificial grammar strings by their structure alone is present in nonhuman animals is still an open question, as the experiments that have tested this ability in a variety of mammal species [rhesus monkeys 22 , rats 17 ] and bird [Bengalese finch 13 , zebra finch 9 , 15 , 16 ] species do not provide unambiguous evidence for this ability.

The same call types were used in tests with structure-consistent or structure-inconsistent strings, albeit novel exemplars. The monkeys were not tested with novel call types, and hence the generalization of the response could be based on the auditory similarity between novel and familiar string types. Therefore physical acoustic similarity, not structural similarity, between training and test items might have guided the responses.

The rats continued to discriminate the patterns when the tones were transposed to different frequencies, but it is disputed whether this reflects recognition of the abstract pattern, or recognition of the novel tone sequences as transpositions of familiar ones 27 , but also see ref. The ability of animals to detect grammatical structures has also been tested using an artificial grammar in which several training items belonging to two different categories A and B were arranged either as an AB n or an AnBn grammar.

A series of experiments on tamarins 21 , starlings 12 , and pigeons and keas 14 demonstrated that all species discriminated among the training sets. However, in order to show what these species learned about the grammatical structure, they were tested with strings consisting of novel items belonging to the same categories as the training items.

The tamarins were trained and tested with the A and B items being male and female voices 21 ; for the starlings, the A and B items were warble and rattle song syllables 12 ; and for the pigeons and keas, the A and B items were visual tiles showing either a circle or small squares Such test strings could thus always be classified by attending to the acoustic or visual category identity of the training and test items.

Only one experiment, in zebra finches, tested whether any species could transfer discrimination between AB n and AnBn strings to similarly structured strings consisting of items belonging to novel categories C and D Like the other species, zebra finches could discriminate correctly between test strings with novel items belonging to A and B categories, but most birds failed to discriminate the two string types when they consisted of C and D element types.

There was one notable exception of a bird that did transfer the discrimination to strings with the novel element types. Zebra finches also have been tested using the XYX vs.

As in previous studies, they had no difficulty in discriminating between the training strings, but when tested with novel combinations of familiar elements or strings with novel element types their responses varied.

Some individuals ignored novel stimuli, whilst others generalized based on acoustical similarities between the training and test stimuli 9 , Thus, there seems a range in acoustic string discrimination strategies among zebra finches, but there is no clear evidence that they can abstract the underlying structure.

To conclude, the various experiments discussed above either did not address whether nonhuman animals can generalize to novel strings having only a structural similarity to the training strings or have not provided unambiguous evidence that they can do so 24 , Therefore, it is still an open question whether they can show the same abstraction shown by infants in the study of Marcus et al.

Addressing this question is important, not only in the context of grammar learning experiments but also for understanding animal cognition more generally. This type of abstraction is a cognitively advanced ability, comparable to a relational or analogical match-to-sample task as examined in studies on visual pattern abstraction. In a normal match-to-sample task, animals can obtain a reward by choosing from two alternatives the object that matches the one shown previously.

However, in a relational match-to-sample task an animal is trained with pairs of stimuli bearing a particular relation to each other, for instance being either the same as e. Next they are tested with pairs of novel items that do not share a physical resemblance with the training stimuli, but do share the same underlying structure, such as CC or CD. Such a task thus requires the matching of relations between relations 29 — Similarly, learning to identify correct sequences of novel auditory items, such as an XYX or XXY structure, requires that the animal first detects that the relation between the X and Y items differs in the XYX and XXY samples and next abstracts this relation to novel samples.

One species we used is the zebra finch. Like humans, zebra finches are vocal learners. Their songs consist of ordered, rapidly produced elements. They are a widely used model species for comparative studies on speech and language 34 as well as for auditory learning In addition, we used budgerigars, a representative of another vocal-learning clade, the parrots.

Budgerigars are vocal learners with more vocal variation than zebra finches and an open-ended learning capacity. This parrot species produces long and flexible warble songs that vary both in the sequential structure as well as in the shape and duration of elements 35 , Even with this strong variation, budgerigars are able to detect minor changes in familiar songs Budgerigars also are frequently used in studies on auditory learning. Although zebra finches and budgerigars have similar hearing abilities, a comparative study showed that budgerigars are better at identifying acoustic stimuli Thus far, budgerigars have not been tested in an artificial grammar learning task, making it of interest to compare them to zebra finches.

A comparison of species belonging to these two distinct clades also is of interest because the previously mentioned studies comparing another parrot species, the kea, with pigeons also a different clade revealed that these species used very different strategies to distinguish between two string sets consisting of different visual patterns 14 , When we start working together, that's when the sexual tension between us gets so thick, I want to hack through it with a machete.

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I'm not about to be cast aside like yesterday's underwear when he's done having fun. But I never thought he'd fight so dirty. Kendall Ryan. The Fix Up 1 of 4. The Fix Up 2 of 4. The Fix Up 3 of 4. The Fix Up 4 of 4. Leave a comment Vineeth Kanaparthi pinned post 4 Apr at 7: Report Wall-to-wall.

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Hard Rock Harlots

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Except she has a huge problem, and only the right man can solve it. Expand text… The moment he sees her across a crowded bar, Dylan Kane knows he wants her. And Dylan Kane always gets what he wants. Especially when the object of his desire is sitting in his own casino.Beats Hard Rock Harlots, 2 4. It's bigger than other guys'. Who will win this battle of love? Series by Kendall Grey. Alabama, Riding Red. Morgan Lafay Mar 22, at 7: FYI, I recorded this audio myself, just for fun.

There are people who want to harm me, to learn the secrets they claim that I possess. Midnight Blue - L.

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