N. M. RAYEVSKA. MODERN. ENGLISH. GRAMMAR. For Senior Courses of the Foreign Language Faculties in. Universities and Teachers' Training Colleges. Brinton, Laurel J. The structure of modern English: a linguistic introduction / Laurel J. Brinton. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 1. English. Chapter 8: Morphemes. Chapter 9: English Grammar. Chapter English Grammar Ii. Chapter Verbs. Chapter Prepositions, Clauses And Conjunctions.

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PDF | On Nov 1, , Don L. F. Nilsen and others published Modern English Sentence Structure. Modern English: A Practical Reference Guide. Article (PDF Available) in Modern Language Journal 58(5/6) · September with 5, QURAN ENGLISH TRANSLATION. Clear, Pure, Easy to Read. Modern English. Translated from Arabic by Talal Itani. Published by ClearQuran. Dallas, Beirut.

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The textbook begins with units on English phonology and morphology, including a full discussion of the grammatical categories of English. A section on lexical semantics follows which examines structural semantics,modal auxiliaries, lexical aspect and related topics. The next section analyzes — in detail — English syntax from a broadly generative perspective.

Then there is an examination of the interaction of syntax and semantics with respect to thematic roles and event structure. A final section covers the study of information structuring, speech act theory, and conversational maxims. Accompanying the text is a pedagogically useful CD-ROM that is a complete workbook with numerous self-testing exercises.

Additionally, the CD presents suggestions for pedagogical applications of the material in the textbook in a teachers section. This list is based on CrossRef data as of 20 march Please note that it may not be complete.

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Sources presented here have been supplied by the respective publishers. Any errors therein should be reported to them. A linguistic introduction can also be downloaded from this page. Please follow the instructions below:. Laurel J.

Paperback — Replaced by new edition. ISBN Eur.


ISBN The Structure of Modern English is an extensive introduction to all aspects of Modern English structure, including: Phonology Morphology Lexical and sentence semantics Syntax Pragmatics This text is for advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in contemporary English, especially those whose primary area of interest is English as a second language, primary or secondary-school education, English stylistics, theoretical and applied linguistics, or speech pathology.

Publishing status: List of Tables. Unit 5. No one can work with language or literature who does not know how language works. This is a first-rate introduction to the most basic of human abilities and the most important of human capacities: This is a linguistic textbook for the 21st century.

Brinton's textbook is unique in its combination of density and breadth of topics, lecture style and self-assessment, and its richness of data from contemporary English. Fleming, Masataka Ishikawa, Alan S. Kaye, Alan S.

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The Linguistic Structure of Modern English

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Functions of Language Irslinger, Britta He led him into a private room, and told his man to open a certain door. And Christian said to the man, What are you? Bickford, Anita C.

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Language in Society In a word: death! Belonging and identity among former fellow refugees.

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