DONGRI SE DUBAI TAK (HINDI), MANJUL PUBLISHING HOUSE PVT LTD, NILL . Visit: View Book Details. Read Dongri se Dubai Tak book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on Dongri se Dubai Tak (Hindi) Paperback – 1 Jan by. (DONGRI SE DUBAI TAK) (Hindi Edition) [S HUSSAIN ZAIDI] on of ambition and supremacy This detailed and comprehensive book tells the tale.

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Dongri To Dubai In Hindi Ebook Free Download - Dongri To Dubai Hindi Version Pdf -- DONGRI TO. About the Book: Dongri to Dubai is the first ever attempt to chronicle the history of the Mumbai mafia. It is the story of notorious gangsters like Haji Mastan, Karim. Dongri se Dubai tak is the Hindi translation of the best-selling book by Hussain Zaidi on the underworld crime, From Dongri to Dubai. Summary of the Book.

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This product ships in India. Description Dongri to Dubai is the first ever attempt to chronicle the history of the Mumbai mafia. Features Title: S Hussain Zaidi Publisher: Paperback Number Of Pages: You may also be interested in.

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He has also brushed through certain extremely crucial events in Mumbai's history such as the mill strike, which changed the nature of the city and the mafia. It is unfair to expect a book to be encyclopaedic in the ground it covers. But surely the amount of space wasted on details of the mannerisms of the various dons and a rather superfluous chapter on Osama Bin Laden's killing could have been utilised in bringing some analytical depth. Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra who incidentally has written the foreword for Dongri to Dubai had a much better depiction of the wheels-within-wheels nature of crime, politics and espionage in Mumbai.

Dongri Se Dubai Tak Mumbai Mafia Ke Chheh Dashak Hindi - 9788183223966

This is despite it being a work of fiction, or perhaps because of it. But the book's shortcomings become obvious only because the expectations are very high, and in the final analysis, they are outweighed by its many positives. Most importantly, Zaidi doesn't view Dawood through the lenses of hindsight, which is not an easy task given the iconic status that man has come to assume. His narrative remains true to how Dawood was viewed at the various phases of his life.

For instance in the late s and early s, Dawood, being a policeman's son as well as a Maharashtrian, was seen at least by the Mumbai Police as a rather desirable counterweight to the Pathan gangsters. Zaidi brilliantly narrates how Dawood, which is Arabic for David, took on and defeated Mumbai's Goliaths - sadistic dons such as Alamzeb and Amirzada Pathan as well as Samad Khan, whose brutality compelled Pathan patriarch Karim Lala to throw kinship ties out of the window The depiction of Dawood's stint in Pakistan is also insightful, especially the fact that he has no attachment to abstract ideas such as jihad and religion.

Forging links with Islamic terrorists is a pragmatic decision aimed at making himself indispensible to the Pakistanis see extract. Though he doesn't explicitly say so, Zaidi also pays tribute to a long list of crime journalists in the city, whom he mentions in different parts of the book - Alfred W.

Davis, who reported on crime for Blitz, and his protg, Usman Gani Muqaddam; Iqbal Natiq, the Urdu journalist who was killed by the Pathans, had struck a deal between Dawood and the Mumbai Police; and the two journalists who paid the ultimate price for writing about the underworld - M. Iyer, who was 'silenced' by the mafia in , and Jyotirmoy Dey, who was killed over four decades later. Book extract: The terror tag When you are declared a global terrorist, survival is difficult.

Seven years ago, Pakistan used the opportunity to tighten the screws on him after the global terrorist tag by America.

Dawood knew that was his death knell and soon he would become expendable. But this is where his astuteness came into play.

He knew before anyone else that Pakistan was going to be outrun by fundamentalists.

Dawood thus began offering huge donations to these rogue outfits, fuelling their gargantuan growth.The money emboldened their jihadi activities and changed the dynamics of Pakistan's politics, and power equations between the ISI and jihadi organisations.

Great read if you want to know how Mumbai underworld evolved over time And there was nobody as well-placed to accomplish this as Zaidi - a crime journalist with nearly two decades of experience behind him and the author of the incredibly insightful and addictively engaging narrative on the blasts, Black Friday.

site Edition , pages. The Rampuri gang—before beating a hasty retreat from the Mumbai crime scene—left behind a relic: a long foldable knife with sharp edges on one side.

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