Title: An Advanced History Of India. Authors Appears in Collections: India ভারত Chapter 3_ -, BOOK - I, MB, Adobe PDF, View/Open. Modern Indian History V.D. MAHAJAN S. CHAND MODERN INDIAN HISTORY From J to the based on NCERT History Old Books (class 8th to 12th);. ANTHROPOLOGY AND INDIAN VERNACULARS, . of lectures on the History of theBengali Language, in the Panini's book,but he has not attempted to.

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The renaissance period after the Indian Rebellion of saw a magnificent outburst of Bengali literature. Later writers of the period who introduced broad discussion of social problems and more colloquial forms of Bengali into mainstream literature included Saratchandra Chatterjee.

Kazi Nazrul Islam , the national poet of Bangladesh. The Tagore family , including Rabindranath Tagore , were leaders of this period and had a particular interest in educational reform. Several members of the family, including Rabindranath, Abanindranath , Gaganendranath and Jyotirindranath Tagore , Asit Kumar Haldar and Jnanadanandini Devi have been associated with the movement.

But the modernization and efflorescence of Bengali culture was catalyzed by its contact with Western culture after the establishment of British rule in Bengal in Bengalis were the first people in Asia to interact with Western culture, in modern period, in a deep and significant enough way to produce results of permanent interest for the world. For about a century, Bengal's conscious awareness and the changing modern world was more developed and ahead of the rest of India.

Many of the leading figures in various fields in India and even in whole Asia; who ushered in the modern era were Bengalis. Reformation of religion, society and education started with Rammohan Roy in India. The role played by Bengal in the modern awakening of India is thus comparable to the position occupied by Italy in the European renaissance.

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There are differences too. Dalrymple tells in irresistible detail the saddest story of James Kirkpatrick, the British Resident in Hyderabad who built the most magnificent of all residencies there, and the enchanting Khair un-Nissa.

He overcomes every obstacle to marry her, even converting to Islam.

Then he dies when she is still only 19, leaving her to be taken up and then dumped by another British officer. Emily Eden was the sister of George Auckland, probably the worst governor general of the lot. She was as gay, witty and caustic as he was stiff and prickly.

A Matter of Honour by Philip Mason How did a few thousand British troops hold down a subcontinent of million people? In his superb short history of the Indian army, Philip Mason, himself a longstanding officer in the elite Indian civil service, evokes the threads of loyalty that bound the British and the sepoys together until the threads snapped in , and even after that brutal rupture were sewn up again, so that the British influence lingers on in the far larger army that independent India deploys today.

Captain Atkinson describes with a delicious wry touch the ramshackle routine in the backwoods of British India in the s: the innocent young subaltern, the disillusioned old major with his Indian family, the mangy pack of hounds they hunt with and the even mangier cattle in the bazaar, the cigar-chomping padre, and the servants fussing around their sweating masters.

The European officers were cut down by their own men whose loyalty they had trusted, and their women and children were butchered in what looks like a variety of ethnic cleansing.

The perpetrators were made to lick up the blood of their victims before being slaughtered in their turn. Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett The legendary white hunter Jim Corbett became famous first for killing the man-eating leopards and tigers who were preying on villagers in the hills of northern India.

Later he became equally famous for his efforts to conserve their habitat and the national tiger reserve is today called Jim Corbett Park.

This enthralling account of big-game hunting can safely be enjoyed by the most sensitive reader because it is about taking life only in order to preserve it.

When I came back to it years later, I found it luscious and funny. But when Forster toys with his characters, he toys so gently that they never cease to breathe.What is the difference between Biodegradation and Bioremediation?

Without proper rendering support , you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols. Beliebte Kategorien: An estimated 3 million 3,, people died in the conflict, particularly as a result of the Bangladesh genocide.

Sanyal, Shukla 16 October Bengali literature and Middle Bengali literature.

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