Also by Sophie Kinsella SHOPAHOLIC. TO THE. STARS. Sophie Kinsella stars. The Hollywood Walk of Fame, which I've seen a million times on TV, but. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A witty novel with the twists of a soap and the laughs of a rom-com. Shopaholic to the Stars: A Novel by [Kinsella, Sophie]. Shopaholic and Sister - Sophie Kinsella 5. Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella 6. Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella 7. Shopaholic to the Stars - Sophie .

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About the book: Shopaholic to the Stars book. Author: Sophie Kinsella. Series: Shopaholic (Book 7). Publisher: Dial Press Trade Paperback;. Shopaholic has 27 entries in the series. (). cover image of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic 5-Book Bundle (). cover image of Shopaholic to the Stars. Shopaholic to the Stars book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sophie Kinsella returns to her beloved Shopaholic series. .

Of course Luke, Suze and her parents will clear it up for her. All along the book she whines Disappointed to the core. All along the book she whines that nobody understands her. She's right. I don't understand her either.

It is so bad that it makes me want to believe that the book was written heedlessly. Sorry but Becky's antics no longer tickle the funny bone in my body.

And what's with the cliffhanger? It makes no sense just like the book did. I am not fond of this series anymore. Like me if you've been following this series you're gonna read it anyway. No matter what the reviews and ratings are. Because you like the characters well enough to make you greet them like old friends. Before I say anything I just love this series. It's all so funny and cute and ridiculous and amazing. Just a bit more kissing and cuddling and Luke being Luke View all 9 comments.

The latest instalment was no exception. I laughed out loud several times and enjoyed catching up with Becky. Long time no see, and all that. Shopaholic to the stars fits the usual pattern for a shopaholic novel: Becky in Hollywood seemed like a fun setting for a Shopaholic book.

And it was most of the time. Actually it started out really good, but then things went horribly wrong.

My problem was that Becky seems to get more and more stupid and it took her way too long to realize it this time. And then the novel ended with a cliff-hanger! For more reviews, book talk and shopping, stop by The Bookworm's Closet I'm sorry but what was the hook in this book? I mean, she spent an entire chapter discussing the pressure issues of a fountain, really? The plot was so boring I couldn't bring myself to finish it.

After so many books in the series there's no originality and not much entertainment. I wish Sophie applied her Genius to writing original stand-alone novels. View all 13 comments. Dec 17, Tania rated it liked it Shelves: My sister has listened to these on audio and has recommended this series to me.

My mother-in-law had this one lying around at the beach house, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try. There were some laugh out loud moments, but also some eye-rolling going on. I see that a lot of reviews say that this is the worst book in the series, which means that I will definitely give the rest of them a chance. Reminiscent of Bridget Jones these are perfect for escapism during the My sister has listened to these on audio and has recommended this series to me.

Reminiscent of Bridget Jones these are perfect for escapism during the year or for reading on the beach. Will try 1 as an audio soon.

Feb 10, Love Fool rated it liked it. She and her daughter, Minnie, have joined husband Luke in LA—city of herbal smoothies, multimillion-dollar yoga retreats, and the lure of celebrity.

Sophie Kinsella why do you hurt me so? I believe that Becky and I could be bffs First, why is Luke with her? He seems so stable and amazing and yet he deals with crazy and annoying Becky? And, Becky how old are you that you are acting like you are a child?

I'm kinda over her antics. It's like the show Friends for me, after a while don't you feel like they should have grown up instead of acting more immature? And, Sophie Kinsella dares to write a part 8. How dare her! Oct 21, Cassi rated it it was ok Shelves: I don't know what to say I think I am agreeable with a lot of people on here.

I have loved all of the shopaholic series up to book 5, but unfortunately they started to go way down hill after that. I am one who, once I start a book I have to finish it, but I was really struggling with this one. I love Kinsella's stand-alone books. The Undomestic Goddess made me laugh so hard I cried, so I feel that maybe Kinsella needs to retire Becky Brandon nee Bloomwoodand start concentrating on other charact I don't know what to say The Undomestic Goddess made me laugh so hard I cried, so I feel that maybe Kinsella needs to retire Becky Brandon nee Bloomwoodand start concentrating on other characters.

Oh Ms. Kinsella, you are going to have to dazzle me with your next book, because right now Becky has completely turned me off your writing: View all 3 comments.

The shopaholic books have always been fun to read. They usually make me laugh out loud and this one was no exception BUT I think there needs to be some maturity and character development. To put it bluntly Becky needs to grow up. Her silliness was kind of laughably endearing for the first books but now she just seems rude and self centered. She has a wonderful long-suffering husband, supportive parents and an adorable daughter plus likeable friends.

I sometimes wonder why they put up with her.

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I The shopaholic books have always been fun to read. It is time for her to learn something that sticks with her from book to book. Becky needs to become a responsible adult.

View 1 comment. Aug 18, Rosanna rated it did not like it. Ugh, this series has to end. Becky Bloomwood Brandon may have been cute and funny when the series started, but she is now an irritating, clueless, and vapid airhead. I could only read this book for minutes at a time because I would just get so irritated. Yes, I could have just quit reading it altogether, but I kept hoping it would pick up at some point. Please Sophie Kinsella, put this series to bed!! No more!! Hanging out with Becky and her crew is always the time well spent.

This book wasn't exception. I had a blast reading about new adventures that our protagonist got herself into. Becky and Luke have moved to Hollywood and while Luke is representing one famous actress, Becky is chasing her dream to become a famous stylist. While making her dream come true, Becky is changing, people around her are changing too.

Becky has became even more egocetric and a lot of fingers are pointed at her. Even though she Hanging out with Becky and her crew is always the time well spent. Even though she deserved a lot of times to be called around, some times people accused her for things that weren't her fault.

It wasn't Becky's fault that Suze's husband lost his sense of mind and just took off without any note. I also don't think Becky is the one who should babysit her own father. It also wasn't her fault for speaking about shoplifter, even though she was a famous actress.

Confessions of a Shopaholic - Clip - I googled

I mean, she was breaking the law, and the worst part is, she was rich enough to pay no matter how much it costed. I am just thankful that I read this book only now when the sequel is already out, and even more thankful that I already own the copy. Aug 27, Imogen rated it it was amazing. Becky is back and just as fashion fantastic as ever before! When Luke and Becky Brandon move to LA with daughter Minnie, Becky naturally sets her sights on fame, fortune and best of all… fashion!

But real life is never as glossy as the pages of a magazine. Is this really the lifestyle Becky wants? The pages were Becky is back and just as fashion fantastic as ever before! Even as the seventh book in the Shopaholic series, the characters still felt fresh, lively and full of animation. For those of us who have followed Becky from the beginning, it was like greeting an old friend.

Well, maybe not old perhaps, more… vintage! I absolutely loved it! View all 7 comments. May 20, Juhina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mini shopaholic came out in , four years lair, we finally get a sequel that also ends in a cliff hanger so i'm crossing my fingers for an 8th book! The Shopaholic series isn't my favorite by Sophie Kinsella..

However, getting back into Becky's world I reread mini shopaholic before picking this up has reminded me of the reason why I tolerate Becky an 4.

However, getting back into Becky's world I reread mini shopaholic before picking this up has reminded me of the reason why I tolerate Becky and dare I say, love her through all the craziness that she gets herself into. These first two paragraphs will be non spoiler but before I get to the spoilers, I will add a disclaimer.

I love Kinsella's writing. I love how witty and funny and endearing all the characters are. If it was any writer with these characters, I personally would have been so frustrated and quit the series ages ago.

Becky's shallowness gets to me sometimes I have to admit, but I soon forget about it and enjoy the where the storyline is going and how crazy things are. Honestly, I think Becky is a genius.

No one is able to get themselves out of situations the way she does… and she uses the wackiest way but lo and behold, she doesn't just get out of the situation, she ends up getting something out of it. I feel if Becky put her mind to get and do anything, she'll get it and do it for sure. I get why Kinsella doesn't want her to grow out of it and finally realize she's not a kid anymore and she should act more like an adult.

I don't think the book would be any fun without her crazy antiques! Slight spoilers begin now: As for all the other side characters, it is no secret that I love Luke too much. I honestly don't know how he finds everything Becky does so endearing and lovable. He really is the perfect husband in my eyes. I love how serious he is but at the same time he is so loving to Minnie as well as Becky. His fatherly side is really something to admire. However in this book, I liked how he finally put Becky into perspective for every outrageous thing she's done.

I think she went too far during some parts in this book and I like that there were people, including Suze her best friend , who gave her a reality check. I also really like Becky's parents as well as all her circle of friends and family.

They all are a laugh. This book is pages. However I breezed through it. It really reminded me that I need to read more chick lits because they are such pleasant and happy reads well, most of them and sometimes you need something addicting and fun.

Becky and Kinsella really deliver in that department get it? Becky's addiction to shopping? I can't wait for a sequel praying there will be one because the way it ended makes you want to pick up the next book. Also, Sophie Kinsella is publishing her first young adult novel and that has me unbelievably excited!

If you haven't started the Shopaholic series, I urge you to do just that. This is the perfect series to start if you are new to the chick lit world. What a long wait we have had for our Sophie Kinsella fix!

I always enjoy the shopaholic series but each time I finish one I usually think surely there is no more the author can do with Becky and then bang out comes another book to entertain us. This time Becky, Luke and Minnie have temporarily moved to LA for Luke's work and Becky is determined to well and truly live the LA life, Minnie is in a top swish play school and Becky is off to make her big dream come true ok current big dream! I finished this book last night and I had to calm down over night before I wrote my review!

I was so into Becky's world then all of a sudden it just ended on an almighty cliff hanger I had to check that there were no pages missing from my copy!

Ok now I have got that off my chest and have stopped rocking in the corner I can now tell you how much I loved this book because it is one of my favourites in the series. Becky is still in Lala land but this is why we love her so much because she is still such a scatty loon, she is so unpredictable you never know what on earth she will try to pull off next but when she does it really isn't a shock because that is just Becky. The humour is back in this book and on a couple of times I found myself laughing out loud the hamster part particularly got me because she just continues to dig herself into a hole.

The lovely Luke is back and unbelievably still with Becky, this guy surely needs a medal to still be able to put up with her antics and still be so forgiving. I still can't take to Minnie she is the best form of conception for me! This book was well worth the wait, I was hooked all the way through and was highly amused. I do wonder what on earth will happen in the next book, I just can't believe we have got to wait!

I could sulk and give this 4 star just for because the ending made me feel like someone took my sweets away But I can't because it really is worthy of a 5 star! Oct 22, Catie rated it did not like it Shelves: I skipped three tracks just to see how it all ended. It didn't. Sep 05, Danielle rated it it was ok Shelves: I read "Confessions of a Shopaholic" over 10 years ago and loved it so much that I've re-read three times since then. That book got me hooked on the chick lit genre and I became a big fan of all of Sophie Kinsella's novels.

I was so excited to read this new book in the Shopaholic series. Unfortunately I ended up liking this book even less. Becky decides that she wants to become a personal stylist and ends up in the public eye pretty clearly. Suze and Tarkie come to LA and Suze has dreams of becoming a film extra and Tarkie tries to find himself.

Becky's father has a mysterious connection to LA and comes to LA eventually too. I think what bothers me the most about the book is Becky herself. I used to love her, she was funny and silly but you could still root for her. In "Shopaholic to the Stars", Becky hasn't changed it all but that's not such a good thing. She is a wife and mother and even though we all love a kooky Becky, there should be some improvement.

Plus she has a big problem with lying to just about everybody with pretty much no remorse. She's incredibly selfish and spends most of the book worried about herself and not that things with her family and friends are not doing well.

I still really like the characters of Suze and Luke. They are basically the best parts of the book. Minnie appears in the book but is basically a background character, which is probably good for all those who didn't like her in "Mini-Shopaholic". Also the some of the situations are kind of ridiculous.

Like when Becky is on a studio tour and a woman mistakes her for a person in the costume department and demands that she fixes a costume. Instead of explaining that she doesn't do costumes without revealing that she was breaking the rules, she basically ruins the costumes by sewing some randoms things..

I think that they are supposed to be "I Love Lucy" type of antics but just doesn't work for Becky anymore. Believe me, I am really sad that I didn't love this book. I'm such a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella and I will continue to be a fan. There will be an 8th Shopaholic and I'm really hoping that I like that one better. May 20, Giselle rated it really liked it Shelves: An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review.

Quotes pulled from the ARC may be incorrect and may be subject to change. Our favourite shopaholic Becky is back once again! Her lovely hubby Luke is taking a chance at working with actors in his new PR office.

But that means taking the family from London to Hollywood, California. Becky jumps at the chance and brings her adorable daughter Minnie along. She soon finds out that it's just as hard to keep a job in America, so she sets An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review. She soon finds out that it's just as hard to keep a job in America, so she sets her sights on being a stylist for Luke's celebrity client.

Following her dreams is no easy task, and we all know that Becky will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it means going against her husband's client who has a celebrity frenemy at her heels. Told in the same witty banter as all the shopaholic books, Becky is back and better than ever. If there's one series that I know that I will automatically love, it's this one. Becky gets into so many problems and tries to get herself out with such grace and poise that I pretty much devoured this book in two sittings.

It's a rather extensive and larger than the other books, but you have no problem gobbling up its pages. I loved that there was a bit of mystery of why her father was after his old friend. And considering that cliffhanger ending, there's going to be more books. Becky is rather selfish in this one I might have to warn you. She undermines her family, her friends and even Luke to get what she wants. But I think that's the allure that Hollywood has, and even though Becky has that big heart, she still gets sucked up in it and finds herself to be all alone.

I guess that's the lesson that comes with wanting fame. Lovely characters obviously , with as many hilarious situations are found throughout the entire book.

Pick this one up for its humour, and smile that Becky is back with her shopaholic mind-set still in its place. View all 5 comments. Her dialogue was basically "Pleaaase" and "Ladeeee" -what the yellow socks was happening with Tarkie? Speaking of which, where is Luke? We were supposed to be doing Christmas shopping together.

As a family. Why would you do that?

Sophie Kinsella

No discipline. She is such a drama queen. She gets it from my mum. What do you want a stupid pony for, anyway? Actually … it is pretty fab. And it has little red trundly wheels. Is that genuine leather? And it has a proper bridle with buckles and the mane is made of real horse hair.

And it comes with a grooming set! I push one of the little red wheels, and it spins round perfectly. Oh my God, I love this pony. I knew it was good value. Come on, Becky. Say no. Be a good parent. Walk away. My hand steals out and strokes the mane again. Look at its dear little face. And who knows, Minnie might turn out to have a gift for riding, it suddenly occurs to me. A toy pony might be just the spur she needs.

There has to be a way in which I can simultaneously: 1. Be a good parent and 3. download the pony. I need some clever blue-sky solution like Luke is always paying business consultants scads of money to come up with … And then the answer comes to me. I haul out my phone and text Luke: Luke! Have just had a really good thought.

I think Minnie should get pocket money.

Immediately a reply pings back: Wtf? So she can download things, of course! I start to type — then think again. I delete the text and carefully type instead: Children need to learn about finance from early age. Read it in article. Empowers them and gives responsibility. Shut up, I type. R u mad? I stare at the phone indignantly. Where r u anyway? Nearly time for Father Christmas!! OK, whatever. Easily enough. God, why on earth have I never thought of pocket money before?

I turn to Minnie, feeling rather proud of myself. But as a special treat, you can download it for yourself out of your own pocket money. You see how great saving is? Talk about responsible parenting. I could be a guru on TV myself!

Where did she get that? The lovely pony, remember? This is so frustrating. How can she be so fickle? She definitely gets that trait from Mum. I look round to see the woman with toddler boys, standing a few yards away, staring at me with her pebble-like eyes.

It complements the other one perfectly. Oh God, we have to have them both. We have to. Rather annoyingly, the pebble-eyed woman is still standing there with her buggy, watching us.

You can always tell that about people, I find. Sometimes, when we see an amazing, one-off bargain, we can make an exception to the saving-up rule. What business is it of hers? God, I hate other mothers. They always have to butt in. All right? But then, I expect I looked a bit bewildered when I took out my first overdraft.

It goes with the territory. You see, darling? Teaching your child the ways of the world. Only my credit card was up to my limit. But did I give up? I could get the boots! I was walking along the street one day, when I saw this mysterious sign.

What are those little shoes of hers then, Gucci? Blood zings to my face and I stare at her in speechless shock. Where did that come from? Minnie is not spoiled! But the woman has already disappeared behind the Postman Pat display.

No way. OK, so she has her little moments. Like we all do. I would know if she was spoiled. How can anyone be so mean? And on Christmas Eve, too. Look at all the presents!

Shopaholic Series

Is Father Christmas finding his elves at glamour model agencies these days? And should elves have purple acrylic nails? Father Christmas will be reading them later on! We can make a wish! You see? Over here! She downloads all her Christmas cards half-price on Christmas Eve, writes them out on January the first and keeps them in a drawer for the rest of the year. My half-sister, I should say.

Jess is going to be a godmother. We were celebrating her birthday and Janice gave her a present of bubble bath, whereupon Jess launched into a ten-minute lecture on how much water a bath used and how people in the West were obsessed by cleanliness and everyone should just take a five-minute shower once every week like Jess and Tom did.

Does it exploit people? Tell her you bought it from a small independent cooperative. What have you got her? The wishing cards are laid out on a fake tree stump that you can use as a table. God, I remember writing letters to Father Christmas when I was little. They used to get quite long and involved, with illustrations and pictures cut out of catalogues, just in case he got confused. A pair of pink-faced girls of about ten are posting their wishes, all giggly and whispery, and just the sight of them gives me a rush of nostalgia.

It seems wrong not to join in. I might jinx it or something.

Dear Father Christmas, I find myself writing on a card. I pause, and think for a bit, and then quickly scribble down a few things.

I mean, only about three. Minnie is scribbling earnestly all over her card, and has got felt-tip on her hands and her nose. Luke is standing in front of me, his dark hair and navy coat dusted with fake snow, a glint of amusement in his eyes. As we stride along his mouth is hard, and I almost start to feel nervous. What could it be? On the screen is an email from his lawyer, Tony. Just like that.

Not a good part, obviously. The malevolent old witchy aunt with the warty nose and the nasty cackle. He owns a PR company, Brandon Communications, and has had most of his employees for years. So he quit, and they took him to court for breach of contract. Which just proves how awful and overbearing they are.

I was dying for Luke to call me as a witness. I had my outfit ready and everything. Navy pencil skirt, white shirt with ruffle, patent courts. And then I ask you to look at the two men before you. So I did, even though the frustration nearly killed me. Now Luke exhales and pushes his hands through his hair.

This whole thing has nearly wiped Luke out. In all sorts of ways. The case is over! In fact, several times. This house has got everything going for it. I feel a sudden burst of exhilaration. I have to go and download Livingetc, right now. His face is averted and his chin is stiff. I was in Waterstones, waiting for the call about Arcodas. The new Ruth Rendell. She was only ill for a month and then she was gone and it absolutely hit Luke for six. She brought him up, and she understood him like no one else, and the worst thing is, he hardly saw her before she died.

There was nothing he could do. But even so, I know he does. It makes sense, since she abandoned him and his dad when Luke was tiny. But he was on fairly civil terms with her when she blew it, big time.

Something about Annabel. Which is fine by me. As I look up at Luke I feel a little squeeze in my heart. The strain of this year has really hit him hard. No reason, really. Just because the shops are nicer to look at. Like the bespoke jewellers … and that shop with the silk flowers … and Enfant Cocotte, which is full of hand-made rocking horses and designer wenge cribs.

My pace has slowed right down and I take a step towards the brightly lit window, full of creeping lust. Look at all these gorgeous things. Look at the tiny rompers, and the little blankets. If we had another baby, we could get all new lovely blankets.

He should understand me. The crappy old pram Minnie had is completely bust. Not that I want another baby just to get a cool pram, obviously. But it would be an added bonus.

About … us. I mean … all of us. Our family. Including Minnie. Never mind. She beams around and taps the microphone for attention. Will it be a teddy?

Or a scooter? Well done, Becky! There must be loads of little girls here called Becky. They should have warned me. Throw mine away. Is Minnie your dolly, love? No one was supposed to see that! After a few moments her face softens. She folds the paper and hands it back to me. Happy Christmas. My stomach flips over. What exactly did he hear? He did hear his name, I can tell. A wife has an unerring instinct for these things. How the hell did she get up there?

After three. Oh … fuck. But the whole bloody sleigh is collapsing. All the presents are falling off the sleigh on to the fake snow. Her eyes range meanly over me and Mum, and even Janice and Martin, who have appeared out of nowhere, both wearing festive jumpers with reindeers on and clutching Christmas Discount Shop bags. Your daughter is hereby banned from the Grotto. In total mortification, I take the handles of the buggy. We all trudge out in miserable silence, to see Dad rushing up in his waterproof jacket, his greying hair a bit dishevelled.

Have you seen Father Christmas, Minnie darling? Oh, love. And that Santa was a total wimp. We wrecked the sleigh, trying to get her off a reindeer. She just knows her own mind! Exactly the same. Mum always says the right thing. He looks as though some new and alarming thought has transfixed him. This is what Christmas is all about. Mulled wine and mince pies and White Christmas on the telly. Mum and Dad are really generous. I put the books in boxes. No one ever read them, anyway.

And I keep all my make-up on the dining table, which is the ideal size, in fact it could have been designed for make-up. Luke finishes wrapping a jigsaw puzzle, reaches for a Magic Drawing Easel, then looks around the room and frowns. Although to be honest, I was a bit taken aback myself.

Have some more mulled wine! I have a sudden alluring image of myself walking down the street with Minnie. Here you are. So much for marital telepathy. Maybe I should introduce the subject by stealth.

Mind you, Tarkie is Tarkie sweet, unsuspicious, usually thinking about Wagner or sheep. Which I am NOT.

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At least, nearly all the pieces. For an instant I wonder whether Luke even heard. Then he raises his head, looking totally astonished.

I think we should have a little brother or sister for Minnie. How on earth would we control two? You saw the way she behaved today. Not to mention the incident at Harvey Nichols and the fiasco at my office.

I want to have two children in matching pom-pom hats. I want Minnie to have a lifelong friend and not grow up an only child. And I want our children to be close in age, not years apart. That you never want another baby? He looks exactly like someone putting off talking about something which is a sore point. I watch in growing dismay. Since when was having a second baby a sore point? One day. Having Minnie has been … amazing.

Enjoy Christmas, enjoy being the three of us. Wenceslas or Snowflake.Not cool. I would like a viewpoint from Luke in this book as when he's in it he's brilliant but a little underused for me. I'm appalled at the book's conclusion with Sage. The latest instalment was no exception. I sometimes wonder why they put up with her.

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