Hence “kino‐body”, or Kinobody. Greek God Muscle Building Program | Greg O' Gallagher Page | 5 Think of me as Michelangelo and by following my workout. Kinobody Greek God Download ( MB) · English · 日本語 · Português (Brazil) · Deutsch · Русский · Français · Svenska · हिन्दी · Español . Greek God Muscle Building Program PDF Download. I am 45 years old and Kinobody Greek God Review | - Greek God Program, Greek Gods, Weight Loss.

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Greg is the guy from youtube channel "kinobody", and his program is called the " greek god". This guy has amazing physique and his workout. My Personal Kinobody Greek God Program Results. The Kinobody .. This is a PDF that lays out the progression for The Greek God Program. View from HISTORY at Lake Nona High. Greek God Muscle Building Program Bonus Routine: 3-Day Workout Split by Greg.

The original program is a little light on leg training. This new program will develop the perfect-sized legs that are strong and athletic. You will improve your muscular proportion.

You will be far stronger overall and more capable than ever before. As well, we are really hitting the exercises designed to give your legs an aesthetic and proportionate look without creating excess size 5 Brand-New Protocols you can follow for months. This is the perfect time to start doing a supplement protocol to give you that little edge and see more strength and more muscle growth.

Pretty awesome, huh? One thing I like is the rehashing of diet, and things of that nature to preface the workout portion. The exercise selection greg has chosen for this expansion is impeccable. Without going too into detail, the different phases provided gives your body several different stimulus for a set number of weeks.

You're constantly a slave to the gym to have a certain look. It's not about weighing pounds. It's about having that right shoulder-to-waist ratio and the ideal amount of muscle in your chest and arms, as well as sleek, defined legs. This Is the Greek God Physique.

The Greek God Program 2. How do you build muscle while staying lean?

The Definitive Guide To Building Muscle & Strength While Staying Chiseled To The Bone.

How do you build muscle in a way that's going to give you the absolute best proportion? How do you make maximum strength gains on the key lifts to really support an amazing physique? All of these are answered in the program. Amazing people have gone through the program, put on a ton of muscle, and now look downright stunning.

GGP-3DaySplitBonus.pdf - Greek God Muscle Building Program...

They were never able to do it before. They struggled to put on muscle. They struggled to keep the fat off. They struggled to add muscle in a way that actually built the bodies of their dreams.

Increase strength, build muscle, eat for a lean physique and have fun with it. This is a strategy you can follow no matter where you are in life, where you live, or what you do for a living. It's time to take control of your physique and your lifestyle. Greek God 2.

See you on the inside! Your Instructor Greg O'Gallagher From an early age, Greg knew he wanted to build an incredible physique that was both strong and powerful. It will help you become leaner, stronger and more developed each and every week…all while enjoying your life.

Greg embraced this minimalist approach and saw fantastic results.

Now, he wants to share this with you. That was fast. We just hit k. I use this page to lead by example and motivate you to take more action in your life. If it was just about me, it would be meaningless.

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This is about you. About inspiring and educating you and giving you the tools you need to sharpen your body and improve your life. Again thank you so much for your support. Oh and yes, this is our official kino shirt.

Bamboo and raglan seams. Makes your physique pop without being obnoxiously tight.

Kinobody Greek God Program Review (2019): Workout & Results

We will get them back in stock soon. Would love to hear from you. Comment below when did you first find me how many followers were we at then and what is your favorite thing to see on these stories and posts. Going to use your feedback for my next posts: A post shared by Kinobody gregogallagher on Feb 1, at With this in mind, I know that Greg is a smart guy when it comes to dieting, training, and marketing.

This section covers the main training concepts that The Greek God Body Program hinges on and the chapters look like this:. Reverse Pyramid Training https: The three numbers after the exercise notates the three sets that should be completed for that exercise.

Both workouts include an emphasis on compound movements using RPT and isolation movements using straight sets like 3 x reps for example.

Eating meals does not boost metabolis… pic.It also comes with a very very clear exercise arsenal that gives you examples of what to switch to when you plateau, which I noticed was a big issue with majority of newer lifters who hit a wall around weeks in on a couple exercises, or exercises that simply didn't work for that person.

Training Section 3: This is simple a module that links to The Superhero Bulking Program.

Eating meals does not boost metabolis… pic. Chapter 15 — Conclusion: The Beginning: This is simply a motivational chapter and a final kick in the butt to make sure you take some action on what you learned.

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